Learning Management redefined
The Complete Learning Management System
Acadox has carefully researched the current education scenario thoroughly and has come up with the solutions that integrate seamlessly to fill in the gaps and break down the learning barriers.
Our products do not stop here and we always strive to solve complex customization requirements of the institute.
Course Management System
The flexible and robust course management system enhances collaboration, engages students, and allows you to share instructional resources on a local and global scale.
Instructor Tools
Teachers are equipped with all the tools needed and more transforming the classroom experience to a simple yet engaging environment.
E-portofolio is an application that allows the user to store, organize and record all the achievements in their career. Users can then easily share their achievements, knowledge and reflections with potential employers accelerating the recruitment process.
Virtual Classrooms
Expand your reach to your learners and never let distance be a barrier to learning by broadcasting live lectures. It also allows you to capture the lectures to be reviewed on demand.
Community Social Hub
Acadox provides the industry's most user friendly and social community hub that allows engagement and fruitful discussion among community members. Admins of institutions can broadcast important messages to the learners keeping them connected in and out of the class room.
Smart Phones
Teachers and learners can take Acadox on their smartphone where ever they go and never feel disconnected. This extends the class time and help learners continue the learning experience in a safe and secure environment.
Intelligent Reporting
Make data driven decision that are obtained from the metrics you choose to record. These provide the needed insight in to understanding learning behaviors that can be leveraged while making decision that affect teachers, learners and admins.
How can we help you?
Unlock the power of your learning institution with Acadox' core services. These services are the core competencies that differentiate your institution among the rest.
Cloud Services
Acadox is built on the latest Cloud Services technology that boasts the highest levels of safety and security. This ensures that your content is only accessible by your learners and teachers. The same cloud technology is used by NASA, Instagram and Amazon.
Integration With Legacy Systems
Our flexible and dynamic Application Programming Interface (API) allows you to integrate your current systems (finance, student information, registration) with Acadox. Our technical team ensures that the integration process is seamlessly integrated without compromise in any functionality.
Learning and Arabic Interface
Acadox is designed to be socially intuitive for the learners. With instant notifications, the learner is connected to his learning in and out of the class. Our interface has proven to be vastly usable than other complicated LMSs. As a Saudi Company, we also have designed the platform to be available in Arabic. This allows learners to seamlessly switch between English and Arabic with just a click.
Whether you are an adopter of a LMS for the first time or an institute looking to implement a large, comprehensive and complex solution to fit your requirements and budget - you can count on us to deliver the solution.
A custom domain allows the branding of Acadox to match your institution. For instance, you might use http://yourinstitute.acadox.com to help your users reach their LMS quicker and more efficiently.
Improve learning in any environment
Higher Education
The Next Generation of Learning
K-12 Schools
Monitored Innovative Learning
Training Institutes
Value-Added Training Environment
Corporate Training
Learning for Leaders
Higher Education – The Next Generation of Learning
Empower, engage and transform. With Acadox®, colleges and universities can empower the students with a personalized and student-centered learning experience. The socio-academic solutions of Acadox® can increase students’ learning engagement through interactivity and collaboration without barriers. With proven high utilization rates and refreshing modern design - faculty and teachers need not worry about complex interfaces and endless hours of training.
In addition, with our well-structured reporting engine and logging mechanism, Acadox® can provide intelligent views over the goldmine of data generated by students and faculty that helps the management to transform the overall learning experience by allocating resources and attention where they are most needed.
Manage Learning and More
Acadox® provides a comprehensive set of solutions and tools to manage the academic life and makes it an enriching experience for all stakeholders. We believe that academic life needs to be engaging, interactive and object-oriented. Our solutions serve the college or the university in many fronts such as registration, students management, course management, mobile access and learning, blended learning, interactive classes, virtual classes, advanced reporting system, student documentations, e-libraries, academic applications, online assignment submissions and grading, paperless teaching, faculty management tools, attendance tracking and analysis, contents generation tools and contents management tools, and much more. The vision of Acadox® is to make the academic life easier, and this can only happen if we take into consideration all aspects of students and faculty life.
Save Time, Efforts, and Money
Why should the university spend big bucks on setting up a learning management platform? Using the world-class cloud technologies we reduce your IT overhead by 80%. Acadox®’s highly qualified team will ensure you the best hosting, maintenance, security, scalability, availability measures. We utilize a proven infrastructure that is used by global entities such as NASA, SAP, GE, Adobe and others. Having your learning activities managed on Acadox®, you reduce your needs for a specialized programming and a dedicated IT team. As a college or a university, the main efforts and costs would be on teaching, and Acadox®’s team will take care of the technical part of learning management. Moreover, since Acadox® is built on the best usability practices, the efforts and resources needed for training on our tools would be reduced and minimized.
Take Down the Wall, Intelligently
Within a university or a college, there’s a lot going on among students, faculty, and admins. Instead of having everything stored without any added value, Acadox® implements a detailed logging mechanism that generates intelligent reports. There won’t be any barriers between the management of the college and the students because Acadox® will provide the management with these interactive reports. The decision makers are now able to see what interests the students, how they interact within a course, which courses are highly demanded, what questions are frequently asked, what issues are being faced the most and so on. The amount of intelligence that can be generated from the academic activities is limitless. Acadox® will provide advanced reports that will help the management, the faculty members, and the students to be on an open communication channel.
A Bridge to Real Life
We enable students to document and keep track of their progress and academic career in general. With the ability to save all the learning experiences that the student goes through during his/her learning, he/she can leverage that to build a professional comprehensive portfolio. This will not only be used for his/her records, but also be a starting step for a successful professional career. Acadox® will also provide students with an automated CV generator that allows them with a click of a button have a neat CV that can be shared and sent to potential employers. We take it even a step further as Acadox® has integration with well-known job portals that will make the migration of the university’s students to the job market an efficient process. With this documentation system, students can also have reference letters from their faculty to the next organization they are going to. Using Acadox® gives your students a bridge to their next successful stage.
Engage and Collaborate
Noticing the evolving online world around us, a new socially flavored suit of tools needs to be designed to cope up with the new learning styles of students. Learning should not be a one-way communication channel. Students and faculty would prefer to be engaged in an ongoing dialog and discussion about coursework matters. We are introducing a learning platform that supports informal learning, social learning and collaborative online environment. Faculty members on Acadox® still hold their prestigious position as the main source of knowledge for the students, but in addition, students now are able to share knowledge among them and benefit each other outside the classroom. Take a tough concept in math for example: the teacher will provide the main information and material of study. On Acadox®, it doesn’t stop there, as students can now create their own study groups, share their notes, and explain the concept to each other on their own ways. Our interactive learning tools open additional optional channels of knowledge sharing across multiple universities and colleges around the globe.
World-Class IT Services
Acadox® provides the technologies and the highly skilled team. Our professional quality services can tailor our products to your needs as a college or a university. Some of these services are: the integration with existing systems, job portal integration, alumni specialized services, customization and branding, hosting, backups, scalability, API access and training, reporting, support, and different languages support. To know more, kindly reach out to us with your specific requirements.
Faculty Empowering Tools
Create, manage, and interact. Acadox® provides a complete set of tools for faculty members to take control of their courses and material. We enable faculty members to create courses, control registration, attendance, and students’ list, manage discussions, grade exams and homework online, share material and resources, interact with videos and virtual classes, get notifications about class updates, send announcements, communicate publicly or privately with the students, manage the syllabus and the calendar, deliver lectures online, assign teacher assistants, obtain students’ performance reports, and several other functionalities for class management. Sounds complicated? Not at all, every feature on Acadox® has gone through a careful design and implementation criteria to make sure that it won’t complicate the teacher’s life. Focusing on intuitiveness and simplicity, we ensure that Acadox® is easy to use, easy to learn yet efficient and powerful. Faculty can do almost everything they wish for, with few clicks and few navigation steps.
Learning on the Go
The world is going mobile, so is Acadox®. Faculty members and students can take learning on their smartphone using Acadox®’s mobile application. This extends the class time and help learners continue the learning experience in a safe and secure environment. Additionally, students and faculty will not miss any important updates, deadlines, news, questions, and announcements because Acadox®’s powerful notification system is linked to the mobile app. Making Acadox® your official academic management platform will ensure that your academic community stays connected.
Email: sales@acadox.com
Synergize Learning
We are redefining and transforming the traditional Learning Management Systems (LMSs). We take our solutions to a whole new level by understanding the unique needs of teaching and learning. Our solution goes far beyond the functionality our clients look for; we deliver innovative advancements that enrich the overall learning experience.
With our social friendly interface that is available in English and Arabic, your learners can engage and collaborate at a higher level with the teachers.
For Students
- Serves as a gateway to more knowledge resources.
- Encourages informal learning.
- Documents all the progress and achievements.
- Notifies and reminds students of academic priorities.
For Faculty
- Saves time and effort with a simple and social interface.
- Creates more lively classes.
- Provides intelligent analysis on student learning habits.
- Breaks down barriers for collaboration with the global community.
For Admin
- Simplifies student and course management.
- Hosts all content securely over the cloud.
- Reduces IT operational and maintenance costs.
Acadox is easy-to-use and improves the way I interact with my students. It is extremely easy for my students to submit their assignments for grading. Acadox also manages my students' scores and grades. Definitely, Acadox enriches my teaching experience more enjoyable.
Joes Roberto – Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM)
Over the last 10 years, I used many learning management systems and environments. When I came across Acadox, I was amazed by its unparalleled simplicity, yet powerful interface. Their secure cloud based solution eliminates any problems of scalability and privacy.
Dr Mohammad El-Ramly – Cairo University
أكادوكس هي الشبكة الاجتماعية التي طالما حلمنا بها كطلاب وكأعضاء هيئة تدريس، تشرف عليه أيدي وطنية شابة نفتخر بهامقال الدكتور في صحيفة الشرق.
د .فواز سعد
ساعدني أكادوكس في التواصل مع الطالبات خارج أوقات المحاضرة في أي اعلان أو تنبيه أو اخبارهم بدرجاتهم وانزال مهمات وتقويمها والجميل في ذلك أن لدي مقرر اسمه تطبيقات الحاسب في التعليم وكان فرصة لتفعيل الحاسب في التعليم تطبيقيا، باختصار أكادوكس وفر لي ولطالباتي بيئة أكاديمية متميزة وها أنا أكرر التجربة مع أخريات.
م . مريم المخيلد
Innovative Learning
Acadox is a cutting-edge approach to managing academic-social life in a simple, secure and efficient manner. Acadox is community-focused and has the perfect blend of tools and services to help you reach the maximum of your learning goals. We have built our infrastructure on the most advanced Cloud technology applications so that it reduces your IT operational costs and.lets you focus on your learning and teaching
To transform the way learning activities are managed, to improve the communication and engagement among learners and to enhance the overall learning experience. We achieve this by providing innovative and modern technologies that empower faculty, trainers and students to interact and collaborate in a simple and efficient manner.
To be a global leading provider of innovative and modern learning management technologies that empower students, teachers, trainers and learning stakeholders.
How can we help you?
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